Who We Are...

It all starts with why....
Growing up, I spent so many hours, countless hours, outside exploring, playing, running around, whatever. Nature always had a way of replenishing my spirit and was constantly surprising me. As I got older, life quickly started taking hours away from the wilderness. Camping trips happened less and less often. Walks, hikes, exploring, fishing, hunting, everything happened less and less often. To the point where I had forgotten the feeling of seeing a sunrise from a tree stand or how peaceful fishing a secluded lake can be late in the afternoon. 
It wasn’t until I started working with people in the outdoor industry that I saw just how far away from the path I had strayed. So I began a journey to get back to the outdoors again. I set out to get a job in the outdoor industry and get back to nature. Together, with friends and family, I founded Revive Outdoors as a way to revive the wild places and wild things I love so much, and in return, revive myself.
Now, when someone asks me what I’m doing this weekend, I can honestly reply, something outdoors!
-Justin Adams
Revive Outdoors, Owner
-Wild At Last-

Revive THE Outdoors

Why Native Plants?
It all started with native wildflowers and grasses in my case. These native plants are vital to our ecosystems, from the very ground we recreate on to the waters we fish in. These plants are how we conserve, preserve, and restore our legacy for years to come. 
A balanced ecosystem starts from the soil up, as does the food chain. Native plants benefit native animals, including us humans. 

Those benefits are extensive, not unlike their incredibly deep root systems. Often native plants have roots reveal feed deep. Compared to traditional turf grass (far left in the photo below), native grasses and wildflowers hold soil in place, naturally preventing erosion and slowing stormwater runoff significantly. In death, those roots contribute to water infiltration and carbon deep into the ground. While alive, those roots can ‘mine’ minerals and water from deep in the soil, thus resulting in a drought-resistant plant that does not need fertilizers or inputs form man. 
The root systems increase the microbial life in the soil, which provides more food for all life. And with a balanced, healthy food source scattered across the prairie, insects and animals can call these areas home. Pollinators feed on the wildflowers. Songbirds and game birds feed on the pollinators & the wildflower seeds. Larger animals use these areas for home as they provide cover and shelter throughout the year. Grazing or browsing animals, such as deer, can feed on some of the plants providing much needed protein at optimal times of the year. 
Plant Your Legacy!
At Revive Outdoors, I do my best to provide quality, ecologically sound, native seed mixes without confusion. Sure I can get into the ecology of the mixes, PLS, stratification, mycorrhizal fungi, varieties, cultivars, purity, dormancy rates, etc; but usually when I do, I can see eyes start to gloss over and people start to doze off. If you’re a nerd like me, we can chat about it as much as you’d like. 
I’ve tried to take all the guess-work out of buying NATIVE wildflower seed mixes while still providing conservation minded seed mixes that hold up to regulated standards. And don’t be fooled. There is a BIG difference between “wildflowers” you find in a seed pack at the big-box and dollar stores when compared to what we’re promoting here. I’ll be happy to get into details with you on that if you’d like, but for now just know it’s not an ‘apples to apples’ comparison and you should manage your expectations when purchasing their products. 

Revive IN THE Outdoors

Revive Outdoors is more than just a clever name for a seed company. In fact, we’re more than just a seed company. Our goal is not only to conserve, preserve, and restore native ecosystems; but to revive ourselves in the outdoors. We celebrate an outdoor lifestyle and support that lifestyle with products designed to help you recharge, reset, shift priorities, restore, activate, bring back, ground yourself, whatever you want to call it…… we call it….. Revive Outdoors (see what I did there!?)
We’re here for outdoorsmen, sportsmen, hikers, hunters, fishermen, bikers, campers, boaters, Sasquatch & Nessie enthusiasts, birders, backyard gardeners, hobby farmers, ranchers, overlanders, thrill seekers, spelunkers, and generally anyone who doesn’t scream and run back inside after 4 seconds of fresh air. 
If you like to hike in the back country and sleep in a hammock with your bear spray at the ready or you prefer to load up the toy hauler and head for some trails; you’re welcome here. And if you just want to sit and drink a cup of coffee on your deck and watch the hummingbirds and rabbits in the native wildflower patch you planted in the yard, we’re here for you too. Any everyone in between. We hope you find something useful for your next trip outdoors!

What Our Logo Means

Our logo was carefully created to represent all aspects of our native ecosystems and our connection with it. it's subtle, but if you're interested, follow along. 
First start with the image itself. You'll see a paw print and in the center of that, a leaf. This represents both native flora (plants) and native fauna (animals). The leaf inside the paw print embodies the delicate balance in nature that all things are connected through a complex ecosystem.
In it's most simplistic form, some animals eat plants to survive. However, in a more nuanced example, healthy soil promotes high quality plants for insects and pollinators to utilize. Those insects & pollinators are predated upon by larger animals (frogs, lizards, turtles, birds, etc). Those small animals are food sources for larger animals like raptors, snakes, raccoons, etc. Those critters are meals for bobcats and coyotes. And again, in it's simplest form, animals eat plants (bears eat blackberries, for example, or deer eat tickseed trefoil).
Now let's focus on the colors, blue and green. 
The two colors represent water and earth. Native plants promote clean water and healthy soils. Their roots have the ability to consume and break down environmental pollutants in the soil, otherwise known as bioremediation. Native plants' deep root systems allow water to infiltrate deep into the ground, filling aquifers, mitigating floods, managing stormwater runoff, preventing soil erosion, and more. 
Finally, the blue circle encompassing the logo. This represents the ongoing relationship between 'Revive THE Outdoors' and 'Revive IN THE Outdoors'
Every time we go outdoors, it's an opportunity to revive ourselves. Even the smallest things such as laying in a hammock listening to the wind blow, to hiking that nature trail at the park. 
You also have the ability to #PlantYourLegacy and make positive impacts on Mother Nature. Identify and promote native plants (trees, shrubs, wildflowers, grasses, etc); and identify and remove non-native and invasive plants. Doing so will benefit bees, birds, butterflies and everything else in the native ecosystem!