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We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between Revive Outdoors and the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation (MCHF). At Revive Outdoors, we've always been committed to more than just selling native wildflowers; we're passionate about conservation and preservation. Now, we're joining forces with MCHF, a renowned organization dedicated to supporting conservation efforts across Missouri.

The Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable organization that helps meet financial needs placed on natural resource conservation and conservation-related outdoor recreation. Since our founding in 1997, we have allocated over $26 million for conservation funding statewide.

MCHF has been at the forefront of conservation initiatives, working tirelessly to protect and restore the natural beauty of our state. From preserving native habitats to promoting outdoor education and stewardship, MCHF embodies the spirit of conservation that resonates deeply with us at Revive Outdoors.

Through this partnership, we aim to amplify our impact on the environment and support MCHF's mission of advancing the conservation and appreciation of forest, fish and wildlife resources by applying financial resources to the priorities of the Missouri Department of Conservation. 

  • Revive Outdoors is donating 5% on all Residential Seed Mix orders to MCHF
  • Customers can also choose to "Round Up" their order total to the next whole dollar amount as an additional donation on top of the 5% we will be donating. 

MCHF is committed to conserving Missouri's natural resources for future generations, ensuring our beloved outdoors remain a vibrant and thriving haven for wildlife and people alike.

Join us in celebrating this exciting collaboration and stay tuned for updates on how we're making a difference together. Together, let's plant the seeds of a brighter, greener future for Missouri's great outdoors.

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